Our facility highlights forty state-of-the-art mills and lathes, which includes a 5-axis machining center, as well as many conventional cutting machines.

Highlight of Capabilities:

* Milling: XxYxZ 41.3x20.5x20.5" and Smaller
* Turning: 18" diameter/15" Length and smaller
* Standard Tolerances: +/-.001
* Precision Tolerances: +/-.0002
* 5-axis Machining Center 6,000-40,000 RPM CNC Machining Centers, EDM, Gun-Drilling, Jig-Bores, CMM's for Inspection

We have the ability to supply both small and large quantity machining requirements. Our flexibility allows us to respond quickly to customer changes in design, prototype and production demands. Also, our three shift operation is a key elements enabling us to achieve minimum cycle time for our customers critical requirements.